The Conference Organizer
Comfortable operation and participation for you.
With Enlatte,
  • You do not have to make expensive, low quality and disposable apps for the conference.
  • You do not have to carry a complex timetable and a thick book of proceedings.

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Latest Added Events

Create event with only 3 steps

  1. Sign up as a member
  2. Download, edit, upload the template Excel file
  3. Pay $1,000 by the day before the event (You can try it for free and without limitation until the day before!)

Features of Enlatte

Sophisticated timetable

  • Programs are organized by places and sessions, so you can easily find it.
  • You can go to the program details page by clicking the program of the timetable, and seamlessly move the timetable and program details page

Program details page

  • The necessary information such as place, time, presenter etc. are displayed together
  • Proceedings PDF and guide maps can also be displayed
  • You can restrict access by password against PDF viewing

Search programs

  • Quickly search programs from titles and presenters

Favorites (for registered users only)

  • Put the program in favorites, list in the favorites list
  • When the time of the program overlaps, it points out "Conflict"
  • Also displayed on event specific schedule page

Schedule management (for registered users only)

  • Understand movement of the day on the event specific schedule page

Event creation and management ($1,000)

  • You can try it for free and without limitation until the day before the event (no payment obligation!)
  • Payment once per event (even multiple days OK)
  • To create an event, simply enter event information in the template Excel file and upload it
  • Aggregate information for participants on event information page that can be easily edited
  • Notification to participants (coming soon) and/or SNS timeline can be posted on event information page